About Us

Empowering the modern investor

At Bluefox we empower the modern investor to grow their wealth outside the traditional stock market by offering alternative investments within the private market.

The Bluefox thesis

For decades, institutions and hedge funds have trusted private markets to grow their portfolios. Bluefox was founded in 2020 to unlock alternatives for more investors than ever before.
Investing in alternative assets is growing.  While institutional investors work with traditional asset managers, Bluefox partners with individuals to grow their alternative asset portfolio.  
“We uncovered a new world outside the public equity markets many years ago.  Yet, many of our friends and family still don’t understand what alternative assets are and how they fit into a wealth plan.  We started Bluefox to provide the service we sought throughout our journey.”
Liliana Delgado
CEO, Managing Partner

At Bluefox we are

  • Investor Focused
    Bluefox was started based on our experience.  Too often, we found asset managers more focused on themselves than investors.
  • Specialized
    We specialize in alternative assets and that's it.  Bluefox works across three core alternative asset classes and is deliberate about the investments we offer to our investment partners.
  • Transparent & Open
    Investing should not be opaque.  We like to keep things simple.  
  • Patient
    Investing is a marathon not a sprint.  Our goal is to help investors grow their knowledge and wealth.   We are growth minded and that takes time.

Our Mission

Diversification in the traditional equities is becoming more and more difficult.  We believe alternative assets will become necessary to securing your financial future.  We strive to provide access to alternative assets that match your liquidity and risk needs.  

Bluefox Private

Our Team