Simple Income Fund

An investment that provides both flexibility and income

Whether you’re new to private markets or seasoned, this is a great way to balance your portfolio.
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Whether you’re looking for maximum flexibility with the shorter-term 6% preferred return or maximum return with the 8% preferred return – or a balance of the two with the 7% preferred return, we designed these options with you in mind. We invite you to click the “Start Today” button below for the one that best meets your needs.

6% per annum

Ideal for those seeking maximum

  • 6 month hold period
  • investment minimum of $25K
  • Monthly distributions
  • Compounding Option
  • May invest more

7% per annum

Ideal for those seeking balance and growth

  • 12 month hold period
  • investment minimum of $50K
  • Monthly distributions
  • 7. 23% w/Compounding
  • May invest more

8% per annum

Ideal for those seeking maximum return and growth

  • 24 month hold period
  • investment minimum of $100K
  • Monthly distributions
  • 8.64% w/Compounding
  • May invest more
Fund Snapshot

How the funds works

Raise Capital
Raise capital from qualified investors seeking solid returns and short term commitment
Quality Borrowers
Attract quality borrowers and underwrite loan opportunities
Originate First Lien Loans
Originate low-leveraged, first lien positions loans on real assets
Collect Payments
Collect payments for loans in the portfolio during a 6 to 9 month period
Manage Loans
Actively manage borrower progress and take necessary action on non-performing loans
Loan Closure
Close out loans that have gone full cycle and provide incentives for quality borrowers
Investors receive their monthly distributions based on their investment tier
Redistribute compounding funds back into the fund for those that have selected compounding
Execute liquidity request as needed to support needs of investors

A balance of growth, income, and flexibility

An investment in the Simple Income Fund is automatically diversified across all loans in the fund portfolio.
“Our income fund is a great combination of our operational, market expertise and our investor centered approach to private markets.”
Ronald Rojas
VP - Business Development and Origination @ Bluefox

Guides to get you started

Investing In The Fund

For Accredited Investors

This offering is a SEC Reg D 506(c) and is open to accredited investors only. An accredited investor has either a net worth of $1 million, not including their primary residence, OR an annual income of $200,000 (or $300,000 if married) for the last two years and has a reasonable expectation that it will continue.