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Alternative Assets

What are Alternative Assets?

Alternative assets typically refer to investments that fall outside of the traditional asset classes commonly accessed by most investors, such as stocks, bonds, or cash investments. There are many types of alternative assets in the market today.

At Bluefox, we focus on three alternative asset classes:

Private Real Estate

Larger properties that traditionally require professional management.

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Private Credit

Loans given to businesses outside of the traditional banking system.

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Private Equity

A purchase of a majority interest in an operating business.

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We are service first asset management company. You have worked hard to earn every dollar and our goal is to provide you with the investment options you need to help you reach your goals.
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  • Focus on providing the best quality private market investment options.
  • Understand what your goals and aspirations are to identify the best asset classes to invest in.
  • Deliver the information that allows investors to grow at their own pace.
  • Driven by a purpose to help you Live Good.
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